Current Field Status

Current Field Status – As of today, we have completed the following:

1. Leveled, graded, sodded a runway measuring 500’ x 50.’

2. Installed flight stations, windsocks and brick walkway to the runway.

3. Leveled, graded and laid crushed gravel to create a parking area.

4. Installed metal entry gates on both sides of the parking lot.

5. Built an overhang with 16 table stations.  Tables were power washed and installed

6. Wiring of outlets, lights and overhead extension cords for when electrical power can be hooked up.

7. Installed gutters on the overhang to help keep water from ponding under the tables and collection of water for future irrigation needs.

8. Graded and hydro-seeded the strip of land between the Overhang and sodded runway.  The grading and seeding were necessary to stop erosion.

9. We installed a porta-potty. 

10. Filled in the irrigation pond which was an eyesore, attracted mosquitoes and, was dangerous.

11. We supervised the clearing of trees and brush to almost 40 acres of land.  Still more to be done.

Meeting Minutes and News Downloads

NGMARC September 2018 Status (pdf)


NGMARC June 2018 Meeting Minutes (pdf)


NGMARC April 2018 Meeting Minutes (pdf)


September 2018 Meeting Minutes (pdf)