Board Members



Phil Cubin has been looking up to the skies since his childhood. He use to play in a real Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber that were parked up near his home in England.

 Though he has been out of RC Aircraft for 35 years , he currently is getting back into the hobby with some high wing airplanes. 

Vice President


Joe McFarland is a lifetime aviation lover. He remembers the C-5 making  test runs low and fast over rual Alpharetta in the 1960s. He  has only been in the hobby 2  year. Joes loves to learn, share, and fly Rc. He works as an electrician.


Position Open!


Position Open!

Safety Officer


Brandon W. has loved airplanes since he first saw Top Gun as a child in the 80's. Since then and currently, he is an aviation enthusiast. In the last few years, he has pursued his interest by flying EDF jets and gas aerobatic aircraft. Recently, Brandon has taken interest in 3D printing (Airplane Parts of course), graphics designs, model building, etc.