Board Members


Phil Cubin has been looking up to the skies since his childhood. He use to play in a real Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber that were parked up near his home in England.

 Though he has been out of RC Aircraft for 35 years , he currently is getting back into the hobby with some high wing airplanes. 

Vice President

Interest for the position and nominations can be emailed to


John's passion for aviation was passed down from his dad in his early years after going on many family outings to airshows. He still remembers the sounds and smells of the Thunderbirds F-100's doing low, screaming high speed demonstrations and, the thrill of hearing those sonic boom's ... long since banned. He also recalls his dad running an un-muffled 2-speed K&B .15 Torpedo in their basement with his buddies, filling the house with that sweet smell and smoke of glow fuel, all the while to the frustration of my mom... :) John's flying of Radio Controlled planes started in 1981 with a Sig Kadet MkII and has continued since flying 1/4 scale Pipercub's, Bi-Planes, all types of sport planes, gas powered Extras, electrics and more recently gliders. He has also enjoyed practicing many of the Basic IMAC routines and tries a little 3D now and then.. but frankly not that good at it... There are so many aspects of this hobby he enjoys, the challenge of building, flying and most of all the

comradery among the members at the field.

John works for Pulte Homes as a Manager of Finance Systems


David Halcomb

Safety Officer

Joe McFarland is a lifetime aviation lover. He remembers the C-5 making  test runs low and fast over rual Alpharetta in the 1960s. He  has only been in the hobby 2  year. Joes loves to learn,share and fly Rc. He works as an electrician.